About BCN.

Founded in 1996, BCN has a proven track record of delivering high-quality and strictly compliant inquiry leads to our clients.

Students considering educational opportunities can access current and accurate information on schools, compare programs, link to school websites, and request additional information directly from schools of interest. In addition, students can take a "virtual tour" of selected programs, read current news, access helpful links and read hundreds of articles. Client profiles provide prospective students with quick and convenient information on programs, admissions, facilities and expenses to help them compare schools and find the right fit.

We are committed to providing clients with high volumes of quality leads through our websites.


We will create a custom profile for your institution or program for 30 days free with no obligation.


Our Networks consist of over 400 educational search websites, including national, international, institute type and program-specific websites.

Triggers That Deliver Qualified Leads

Profiles include detailed institution information and meaningful calls to action.

Student Recruitment Websites.

schools in canada

SchoolsinCanada.com is a global online network of over 55 academic websites for international students considering a Canadian education. It provides an opportunity for Canadian institutions with international programs (universities, colleges, secondary schools and English and French language programs) to profile their school and academic programs to the world.

campus starter

CampusStarter.com is an extensive online network of over 45 academic websites for Canadian students destined for a post-secondary education in Canada. It provides an opportunity for Canadian universities and colleges to profile their school and undergraduate programs to prospective students.

what we do.

Lead Generation

We provide lead generation, demand generation, lead dissemination and lead management services.

School News and Articles

Clients can publish unlimited news releases and articles, accessible across our network of 300 Websites.

High-Leverage Websites

Our technologies add up to better measured results, more consistently, at a greater scale.

24/7 support

The support and information line is available to any client with questions or is in need of technical support.

Lead Channels.

Universities and Colleges

Universities and Colleges:

Profiles of universities and colleges. Client base includes 4-year colleges, community colleges, career colleges, graduate schools and online colleges.
English Language Schools

English Language Schools:

International students can search clients by content and by location. Network Websites are published in 20 languages.
Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate programs:

Profiles of client undergraduate programs in colleges and universities across North America.
High Schools

High Schools:

International students can begin their search for public high schools, private high schools, high school programs, ESL schools, colleges, universities and private language institutes across the United States.
School Districts

School Districts:

Wide assortments of programs and study options available to international students, how to apply and details on school district homestay programs.
Homestay Programs

Career Colleges:

Privately run institutions offering quality career-oriented training, including trades and apprenticeships and university transfer programs.

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We manage an extensive network of informative rich education websites that allows students to research and connect with the schools they seek.

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